Marriage: Sink or Swim

Serendipitously, Healing Science Today published Marriage: Sink or Swim just before Doug’s and my 28th wedding anniversary. Wait. That coincidence is really quite irrelevant when I think about for another second, so let’s talk book.

The book Marriage: Sink or Swim contains spiritual teachings that have been proven valid over time. At first, the teachings may appear abstract, but speaking from my own experience, once the ideas became part of my everyday practice, the teachings opened my mind to discover new depths of divine Science and spirituality which in turn helped our marriage. Consequently, Doug and I have had a strong bond, able to spring back quickly after being stretched too far. We read in Marriage, “Remember, a simple heartfelt word or deed is powerful enough to renew the romance.”

Marriages falter when entered into blindly, or as if marriage is a societal or religious obligation. God did not ordain marriage. God doesn’t even know about human marriages. Marriage reminds its readers, “Do not deceive yourself, or one another, as to why you are getting married. Deception is fatal to happiness.” Marriage helps us discover that happiness is found within. Another person is not responsible for our happiness, or unhappiness.

“The demands of the affections will never be satisfied when pursuing a sexy, rich, or sanctimonious partner, so make sure to engage with wisdom, goodness, and integrity. Spiritual happiness lasts because it is constantly poured forth from Truth and Love. It is natural to share genuine happiness because it doesn’t exist in isolation.”

Marriages, or even close relationships, can represent shared love. The intent of Marriage: Sink or Swim is to extend to a wider magnitude the variety of interpretations of spiritual teachings and their fortunes. Marriage: Sink or Swim contains the 4th edition chapters Marriage and Creation from 21st Century Science and Health along with Mary Baker Eddy’s parallel chapters. The slim, readable book has 39 pages and can be found online at Trafford Publishing


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