Self Forgiveness after Forty Years

Marie woke in the morning, dressed as usual and began walking down the stairs to the kitchen. As she was descending the steps, a flow of peace was sensed, powerful, poignant, and clear. She had forgiven herself. After 40 years, the forgiveness had come.

Kent Nerburn wrote in his book, Calm Surrender, about those times when we make decisions that throw our peace off balance. “Perhaps our decisions were right, or necessary, or inevitable. Perhaps they were capricious or unwarranted. But, we made them, and they are now and forever part of our lives. Still, our hearts ache for the choices made or denied, and we bury that ache beneath a blanket of guilt or high-minded justifications.”

Marie had made such a choice 40 years ago. Life went on. She kept praying and actually saw results of God’s care and power in her life. However, that few seconds of walking into a new day brought an unforgettable relief that our spirituality is forgiven, is loved.

“Divine Science silences human will, disables fear with Truth and Love, and illustrates the unlabored motion of the divine energy in healing the sick.” (21st Century Science and Health)


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