Not Becoming a Google-idiot

OMG, Google can finish my word or sentence more cannily than my husband. moreover, Google will find important information that I lost. If I don’t watch it, I might become a Google-idiot, a person so reliant on Google, I’d be hard pressed without the technology. Or not.

The more I rely on a thing or person, the more I am restricted. Therefore, I take seriously the theory that a mindful self-reliance always finds an answer from divine Spirit.

No one is an idiot.

We can step up with the Mind of Christ, Spirit, and find ourselves capable of understanding exactly how to manifest practical answers. With or without technology or other human beings.

It is true, the Mind of Spirit is not palpable to the human senses, but this is promising because what is palpable to the human senses can breakdown, leave, or die. However, our spiritual mindedness is forever tapped into infinite Mind who is not only communicating to us the answers we need, but also giving us the strength to get done what needs to be done.


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