Vocabulary Development

A person’s vocabulary is developed according to the conversations they hear in everyday life, their education, and what they read. Ironically, by the time we are adults, it’s apparent we’ve developed vocabulary cliques. With a little self-analysis, I realized my vocabulary is rather extensive when it comes to talking about farming, however add me to the mix of fashion conscious people and my vocabulary resembles a 4 year old. Weirdly enough, the cliques of farm-talk or fashion-talk can produce misinterpretations and misunderstandings especially when people discuss emotional or spiritual topics.

Expanding our vocabulary is necessary in order to promote understanding and unity, therefore I started a vocabulary list of new words for me to use when speaking or writing and I’ve been shocked at how difficult it is to enlarge my vocabulary naturally. Certain words have obviously gotten stuck in my brain and even though those words mean more and more to me each day, my jargon can be unfamiliar to people in other language cliques. It takes time and effort to understandably utilize a larger and more complex vocabulary which allows for finer discrimination and better communication.

I’ve faced the fact that the different vocabulary cliques can use different words for the same idea. Therefore, an increased vocabulary can reduce the chances of making crucial errors of misinterpretation.  Fortuitously, the exercise of increasing my vocabulary has also broadened my communication, not only with other people, but also with God.


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One thought on “Vocabulary Development

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