The Divorce Rate Mocks Marriage

Marriage appears so convoluted and disjointed it is a wonder so many millions of people feverishly pursue committed relationships. Unhooked singles, even with a series of failed relationships behind them, habitually roam the online dating sites, or keep-an-eye-out for Mr. or Mrs. Right. Hooked couples, hardened to their long-term mind-numbing marriage, deter new couples from committing. The divorce rate mocks the fantasy of soul-mates. However, an intrepid collection of people gather the facts and reorganize them to allow a successful committed relationship.

Facts are:

  • Marriage is not an answer, but a representative and it can represent spiritual unity and family.
  • Marriage is a human invention, not a God ordained demand, and not a religious duty.
  • Marriage is a tool, and used properly it can promote increased love, empathy, good-will, and independence.

Satisfying relationships do not come in a snap, they are a work in progress and demand patience and understanding. The problem is, human beings get patience confused with stupidity, and their understanding vacillates in extremes. For example, it is understood that communication is important in a relationship, but talk, talk, talk, only creates aggravation. Also, people recognize the value of challenging one another, but this can be easily distorted. Granted, poor behavior seems to challenge the love and patience of another person, but it really is only an annoyance. Don’t flatter yourself by thinking you are patient when you are appeasing bad behavior. The real challenge is to face and overcome backwardness and fears and superstitions and complaint.

Take the fear and superstition of the marriage contract. To think we have to be legally married to prove our love and faithfulness to one another is a joke. No piece of paper can guarantee love. Certainly, no wedding ceremony, intimate or extravagant, will guarantee love.

Science and Health reports that “purity and modesty” are components in a stable marriage and family. Marriage can be viewed as a safeguard, providing a structured secure unit for a couple or for raising children. Purity involves clearing out of the head, all the blame and resentment and self-deception. Modesty is the humility to be realistic. We have jobs to go to and homes to care for and bills to pay and children to nurture. Most importantly, we have our own spiritual growth to attend to. We can’t expect our partner, or Christ Jesus, to do our work for us. They may show us how to work out our deliverance from annoyance and loneliness, but we have to do the work ourselves.

Committing one’s self to a pure and humble mind, the Mind of Christ, and building a relationship with God, Love, believe it or not, lines up the mind and body to experience a satisfying human relationship.


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