Religion and Science Evolve in Excellence

Religion had a way, often unscrupulously, of dominating over science until the 19th century, when the general populace had a mental growth spurt, no longer fitting into the automatic acceptance of canon handed down by a church coterie. People adapted to the idea of thinking for themselves, of research and discovery. Coincidentally, research and discovery expanded the human ability to develop refined ideas and put them into practice through the sciences. Paradoxically, the sciences became a domineering force in the 20th century, but not without generating the same problems religion generated. Basically, neither religion nor science can tout supremacy because they both are in constant flux and inextricably bound to the evolution process.

Granted, the evolution process involves extinction, however, neither religion nor science will become extinct before the false convictions they propagate are extinguished; number one falsity being that religion or science is the source of truth, they aren’t. Religion and science are venues in search of truth.

Religion and science play a role in developing public opinion, but when the core value of evolving in excellence is neglected, temptations set in. Both are guilty of interpreting data to confirm presuppositions and biases, of stockpiling knowledge that has no practical application, and of spawning new complex moral, ethical, and scientific problems for every answer they come up with. Even though they both can claim past successes, religion and science need to live in the now and deal with today’s issues. Religion and science are not responsible “for” humanity, but are to be responsible “to” humanity.

As excellence in religion and science evolves, these venues will be found to be mutually reinforcing. Whether it is a leap in faith, or an educated leap in faith, that leads to the discovery of new ideas, the commitment to the core value of excellence in research, intent, healthy skepticism, and ongoing inquiry will ensure those ideas are implemented to benefit humanity.


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2 thoughts on “Religion and Science Evolve in Excellence

  1. Doug April 16, 2011 at 5:16 pm Reply

    Best article ever! We must strive to search but stay humble to truth.

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