The Crisis in Japan is Not a Sign of the End of the World

Events in Japan reverberate around the world. Hearts are broken, human beings are humbled, and prayers are moving thought. Hopefully, my prayer makes a formidable move away from the ancient reaction that Japan is being punished for some terrible sin. Life and Love give of themselves, life and love. The humanness in humanity will triumph. Homes and lives will be rebuilt. It is not the end of the world. Life and love will never end.

From 21st Century Science and Health


“In Isaiah we read: ‘I bring prosperity and create disaster; I, the Lord, do all these things.’[1] The prophet refers to divine law dawning on human consciousness, causing evil and wrong thinking to surface before being reduced to its common denominator, nothingness. The infected system needs to be scanned entirely in order to clean the hard-drive. During moral purification, when the symptoms of evil and illusion are aggravated, we might ignorantly think that the Lord brought about the evil. Thinking it through metaphysically, we ascertain that the discovery of God’s law uncovers so-called sin and its effects in order for Truth to annihilate all sense of evil and all power to sin.

“When we try to attribute spiritual power to matter, we disown the Almighty. When human theories try to give material elements power, two things are implied: 1) The self-evolution and self-government of matter. 2) Matter is the product of Spirit. The first assumption, matter as a power in and of itself, leaves the creator out of His own universe. The second presumption, regarding God as the creator of matter, automatically makes God responsible for all disasters; physical and moral. The unavoidable dilemma of empowering matter also makes infinite Life not only the source of destruction, but also guilty of maintaining perpetual disorder under the name of natural law.

“It is proverbial that Mother Teresa,[2] and other philanthropists engaged in humanitarian work have been able to undergo, without weariness and danger that which ordinary people could not endure. The explanation lies in the support which they derived from the divine law, supreme to the human. The spiritual demand crushes the material demand, and supplies not only energy but also endurance, which surpasses all other aid. Spirituality forestalls the penalty which our beliefs would attach to our best deeds.”

[1] Isa. 45:7

[2] Mother Teresa (1910–1997) Albanian Roman Catholic nun.


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One thought on “The Crisis in Japan is Not a Sign of the End of the World

  1. […] to Albany, I happen to sit next to Aaron, an American in the Military. His unit is stationed in Japan, only miles away from the center of the horrendous recent geological and weather changes occurring […]

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