Taking Music into the Community and Singing Along

It’s always nice to meet people who share their talent.

I interviewed Jesse, and asked him to explain his method of sharing music. He talks about a book he read over twenty years ago, that helped him see how he could continue his musical interest.

“As revealed in Science, man and woman in the likeness of God, can’t help but be immortal. Though the grass seems to wither and the flower to fade, they reappear. Erase the figures which express numbers, silence the tones of music, give the human being called man and woman to the bacteria, and yet the producing, governing divine Principle lives on, in the case of people as truly as in the case of numbers and music. All this is true despite the laws of human mind which define people as mortal. Though the problems resulting from limited perspectives hide the harmony of Science, these problems can’t destroy the divine Principle of Science. In Science, our indestructibility depends on that of God, good, and follows as a necessary consequence of the immortality of good.”–21st Century Science and Health



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2 thoughts on “Taking Music into the Community and Singing Along

  1. Moshe Sharon March 12, 2011 at 11:50 pm Reply

    There are many individuals and institutions offering “spiritual healing”. Learn how to avoid the scams by learning about the healing power within yourself. Others can guide you, but your free will to make decisions by answering the universal question, “Should I or shouldn’t I?” places the power of healing and wellness in your hands, depending on G-d to help you. It’s simply a matter of becoming a proper vessel. However, there are many charlatans who pass themselves off as spiritual healers and there are those who are the genuine article. To distinguish between the true healers and the hacks one need only to ascertain whether the person purporting to help is asking the patient to abandon all other treatment options. The other telltale sign is being told, “If your faith isn’t strong enough this won’t work.” The scam artist will always blame the victim for “Not having enough faith.” Therefore, true spiritual healing is a proper balance between prayer and appropriate action and it is mostly a private interaction between the afflicted person and G-d. We all would do well to remember that “If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck” it’s most probably a quack.

    • Cheryl Petersen March 13, 2011 at 8:11 am Reply

      Your comment is very well articulated, Moshe Sharon, and is one of the reasons I revised Mary Baker Eddy’s Science and Health. Eddy’s writings concur with the thought that spiritual healing is between an individual and God, however, over the last century, readers (under the guise of leaders and healers in Eddy’s church), or non-readers (who repeat rumor or phrases out of context) have misinterpreted and contorted Eddy’s words to signify the necessity of abandoning all other treatment possibilities. Prayer and appropriate action has aligned me with spiritual healing, not only as discussed in Science and Health, but also many other books I read.

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