Introduction to the Tibetan Buddhist New Years Day

The adage, I can learn something every day, has definitely been alive this week. The two prominent lessons are: one, brown eggs and white eggs have the same nutritional value; two, March 5th is the Tibetan Buddhist New Year this year.

The egg lesson hasn’t affected my day-to-day business, it only cracked me up!

But, the Tibetan Buddhist New Year has embraced me in a circuitous fashion. I have been VERY quiet today, Saturday the 5th, due to a request. Okay, being quiet is pretty much the norm for me, however, for my recent roommate, quietude is very important today.

You see, a couple of weeks ago, I put notice in a local online newspaper that I had a quiet extra room in my home and a lady called me from Florida and asked if she could check it out. She was flying into town Wednesday.

Sure, I tell her. And, if she comes late, just come in the house, I will leave on the lights.

She came in late, found her room, and went to sleep.

I woke up early and went to work, as usual.

After work, I came home to an empty house. Wait…not an empty house as if everything was gone, but the new roommate wasn’t here. She respectfully explained in a note that she had to go somewhere.

Then, my friend, Liz, called and asked me to come to a Stephen Wrembel musical presentation north of Cooperstown, so I went with Liz. The event was spectacular. But, I got home late and my roommate was asleep.

No biggie. Although I hadn’t seen a physical body, I knew someone had been in the house and cooked with garlic.

I slept a few hours and got up to go to work.

After work and running errands, I finally met my new friend in the late afternoon.

We got to know each other as well as you can in an hour discussion, however, she informed me of the Tibetan New Years Day and was hoping I would understand her commitment to practice honoring it.

Oh, okay, I thought, realizing I was ignorant of this lunar calendar holiday. However, I agreed to respect her practice.

There is no partying. No talking. But a lot of meditation and offerings. She is wearing new, ironed clothes, and prefers cleanliness. She also asked if burning incense would be acceptable. I answered, Yes, as long as it doesn’t stink.

This afternoon, I researched this Buddhism path a bit and the elements that seem to correlate to her experience are, retreating to explore the entire Buddhist path and deepen understanding, and accessing the self-perfected state of our primordial nature.

Maybe I’ll have more to tell you later about Tibetan Buddhism. Or, maybe you can post a comment on what you know about Buddhism. Either way, I’ve learned more so that I can trust goodness, and people can find similarities in their unique paths while searching for love and truth.

“We become more respectful and caring as we get to know the divine nature better and love Soul understandingly. The struggle over physicality will be replaced by a rejoicing in the affluence of our God. Religion will then be of the heart and not of the head.”–21st Century Science and Health

“There is neither Greek nor Jew, circumcised nor uncircumcised, barbarian, Scythian, slave nor free, but Christ is all and in all.”–Colossians 3:11


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One thought on “Introduction to the Tibetan Buddhist New Years Day

  1. annie March 6, 2011 at 7:05 am Reply

    …as you well know, my effort has been to blend the buddhist nature with the quaker, allowing for each aspect to handle situations which arise involving decisions and conflict.
    of all the varying forms of buddhist practice, the zen and tibetan are the ones i most often fall upon. say hello to your new roomie ..

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