Making Wise Choices

Do you know anyone who…

  • faces and overcomes challenges?
  • travels?
  • produces offspring?
  • adapts to new environments?
  • has plenty of drama?
  • is capable of deception?
  • is a skillful predator?
  • is fiercely competitive?
  • will pounce without mercy?
  • is stunningly beautiful and eye captivating?

Is their name Orchid, Sundew, or Milkweed? Well, those names are names of actual plants. And, those plants fit the character descriptions listed above as chronicled on Life, a Discovery Channel production narrated by Oprah Winfrey. As a viewer, I was intrigued by the fact that plants prove a brain is not necessary to know, survive, and move. Some plants express more intelligence than people with brains.

The mysterious anomalies presented by plants and people make more sense to me because of the teachings of Christian Science, especially, “all is infinite Mind and it’s infinite manifestation.” Mind, not brain, directs, controls, guides, relates, motivates.

So, where does evil come from? A wrong perception of Mind, God, in other words, from a human mind.

Divine Mind is whole, complete, healthy, manifesting wellbeing, harmony, and knowing. The human mind tries to divide or steal from or belittle or ignore divine Mind, but only generates a sense of evil including its own self-destruction. Thankfully, we have a spiritual mindedness that can quiet the human mind and reveal to us divine Mind’s universe.

This is more than seeing the glass half full versus seeing it half empty (although that is a good start). Utilizing our spiritual mindedness and knowing divine Mind, is seeing fullness, a bursting, over-flowing, satisfied life and love.

“For a single moment, become aware that Life and intelligence are purely spiritual—neither in nor of matter—and the body will stop complaining.

“Jesus proved that Life is God by his reappearance after the crucifixion. His action paralleled his scientific statement: “Destroy this temple, and I [Spirit] will raise it again in three days.”[1] It is as if he said, the I (the Life, substance, and intelligence of the universe) is not in physical elements to be destroyed.”–21st Century Science and Health

[1] John 2:19 (Brackets added by Mary Baker Eddy)


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