Hey, that Chick is Driving Through the Red Light

Feeling sick? It happens. But, I’ve discovered sickness is a human rule or law. It is not a spiritual truth from a reliable God. Truth is: God did not make a law of sickness. God created health. And as the human mind bends to spiritual laws, healing results. Yes, the human mind appears to be very stubborn, but the human mind is really very limber.

Here is an example of how easily the human mind bends, even against its own laws.

Think:  Stop lights.

When I come to a stop light, I stop when the light is red and I go when it is green. It’s the law, a law of human beings. But, let’s face it, human laws are not so clever.

Many times I’ve avoided an accident by NOT going through a green light, because some hurried harried driver went through their red light. The spiritual rule of awareness overruled the human law and I looked both ways even when my light was green.

Furthermore, at 4 in the morning, when I am driving to work, it’s me and nobody on the road. Yes, I usually sit complacently at the red lights, dutifully obedient to the human law, but sometimes, I go through the red light after really checking to make sure it is safe. It’s easy to break the human law.

Now, back to the human law of sickness. I’ve come to work before and found many of my co-workers weren’t coming to work because they were sick with the bug going around—a human law. I start feeling sick too. So, I acknowledge God as the supreme giver of goodness and health. God is manifesting health through me, and everyone.

That is the mental affirmation, but more needs to be done in order for action to occur; the human mind needs to bend away from its own law and yield to truth’s law. So, I tap into the law of Love, doing to my co-workers what I’d like them to do to me. It wasn’t as easy as driving through a red light, because I felt sweaty and nauseous, but I wrapped up a few jobs for my co-workers that would make it easier for them when they came back. The spiritual strength that allowed me to be helpful got stronger until the sickness faded.



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2 thoughts on “Hey, that Chick is Driving Through the Red Light

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