My Roomates Have Big Hair: Parenting I

Gross. Yes, gross is the best word to describe the fallen hair I’m surrounded with lately, whether it be in the bathtub or all over the floor. Cleaning up burgeoning clumps of hair gives me the eebeegeebees. However, the gross factor short-circuits and the hair-balls become ridiculous because I am mindful of where all that hair is coming from. Our daughter, and her boyfriend are visiting, both of whom have prodigious hair. However, because we love each other so much, irksomeness never settles in, and we clean up after one another. 

The hair affair has confirmed two lessons:

Lesson #1. Reasonable expectations make for better relationships. Unreasonable expectations serve as a wedge between people. Reasonable expectations are akin to spiritual hope. Unreasonable expectations assumes certain human circumstances will bring happiness. Reasonable expectations are affordable and collaborative. Unreasonable expectations are considered obligatory. Reasonable expectations are an offshoot of Love, Principle, and they are powerful enough to dissolve the unreasonable.

“Relationships are fortunate or unfortunate, according to the expectations it fulfills or the disappointments it involves.” (Science and Health)

Lesson #2. I need to hide my hair clips, or they WILL disappear.

My roomates


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One thought on “My Roomates Have Big Hair: Parenting I

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