Food-safety and Gloves: Food and Eating V

I wear disposable sanitary gloves for most of the morning, five days a week. The sensation of wearing gloves lingers in my memory-bank and reappears at odd times throughout the day and night when I have no gloves on. I shake off the sensation as quickly as I peel off the gloves at work in the kitchen.

The gloves are worn for food safety. It’s the law to wear gloves when preparing ready-to-eat food for an institution. However, these laws, serving to protect from food poisoning and contamination can’t guarantee health. In fact, studies are showing that the obsession to be sanitary may be contributing to increased allergies and decreased immunity systems.

Now, none of us are going to run out and expose ourselves to germs thinking it will help build up natural antibodies. But, being a fanatic about wearing gloves and using sanitizing agents (full of dangerous chemicals), also does not guarantee health.

So, new ground is broken. The quirky things that happen in life are credited. For example, the time I was able to shake off the sensation of a sickness by focusing my mind’s attention on a task at hand. Or, those times when I look to spirituality for understanding, and find health.

Evidence has it that health can be temporarily improved by thinking positively and eliminating stress from our minds. “Health is not a condition of matter, but of Mind,” says Science and Health. But the excruciatingly important point to understand is that spiritual ongoing health, manifest, is not a condition of human mind, but divine Mind. Otherwise, health is as varied as the human minds in charge.

The sensation of temporal sickness, health, and the human mind is all connected, similar to the fingers are connected to the hands. It can be shaken off. It can be peeled off because the temporal is not a law in spirituality.  

Our sense of body is healthy when our sense of Mind is divine.

Sanitary gloves


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One thought on “Food-safety and Gloves: Food and Eating V

  1. Carly December 3, 2010 at 9:22 pm Reply

    I see you have moved past the bright yellow gloves for something more stylish at work!

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