Food and Eating III: Food Fads

Society is saturated with food related issues, similar to a behemoth mound of problematic wet laundry. Instead of just laying there, putrifying, we can pick ourself up and hang ourself on the line to dry.

Yes, we will get flapped around by the winds of food fads, the food industry, and scientific eating, however, hang in there, take a metaphysical approach and focus on the fact that the fabric of our being is untouched. Only the food related issues will evaporate while our spirituality comes clean.

Remember, to ignore, or be obsessed by, food is to let go of the line. Paraphrasing Science and Health, we can enjoy good food, but not crave it as a source of pleasure or problems. Truth and Love is the source of our being.

The following video depicts how I’ve been hanging on the line, letting the god of food evaporate.


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2 thoughts on “Food and Eating III: Food Fads

  1. Denise M Robinson December 1, 2010 at 11:46 am Reply

    Food is an issue all over—having enough or having too much. Is it not ironic that Americas pay people to help them lose weight and in a huge majority of the world, people are starving.

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