I am Back, but I Won’t Promise You Anything

What a day yesterday turned out to be. It felt as though I was digging my own grave.

Remember? I felt as though I was dragging, digging in the sand? Well, that anguished dragging turned into a full-blown head pain. I couldn’t even think, let alone pray.

A friend felt terrible for me and offered me a pill for pain. I took it. Thankfully, this friend didn’t promise the pill would heal me. Because the pill didn’t heal me. But, within an hour my head pain subsided enough that I could tap into my spirituality and find a Godlike promise intent on peace and health.

I am not the only person who taps into spirituality. My friend does also, along with a multitude of people in the world. It’s almost as if in the 20th century, human beings began emerging from a spiritual incubator designed to accelerate and develop successful metaphysical healing. Amazingly, this incubator was all-inclusive, it didn’t serve only a select group.

The incubator included religious followers, doctors, scientists, waitresses, accountants, travelers, and people who thought they were a nobody. However, these people have gone on to demonstrate a spirit of universal peace and health, available to everyone for healing, through Mind.

I eventually read in Science and Health, “It is a severe mistake to suppose that mortality is any part of the reality of intelligent being…Human beings can’t be made the mouthpiece of the spiritual, and the finite can’t become the channel of the infinite.”

Our spirituality seems to be surrounded by finite human beings, drugs, books, ceremonies, prayers, and so on. It is a painful mistake to believe the finite is full of promise or able to go bad and become a threat.

Tapping into our spirituality (the reflection of divine Spirit) allows for human decisions to be made with common sense and an honest respect. Acting on these decisions helps to dissolve the false promises and threats.

Undoubtedly, a titanic shift in thought has developed over the last few decades to a more spiritual approach to life and health. Less intrusive health care is being demanded. More thought, and less mechanics are being expected. People are learning the need to be more responsible for their own thoughts and actions.

Discovering peace and health is a spiritual journey. I can’t promise a grand finale. I just know I am back and I am not dragging. A sign that, in nature peace and health are the default.


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