Threats are Promises Gone Bad

Today, I am dragging.
A mental anguish blunts my expression of peace and health. I might as well be digging a ditch in dry sand.
When I was growing up on the family farm, I did dig ditches in the sand. Not only did the sand collapse and re-fill the hole, but there was also the menacing threat of meeting up with scorpions.
Scorpions are predators with grasping claws and a segmented tail that curves up and ends with a venomous stinger. Experience and science has taught me though, that scorpions basically hide in the sand and settle into a life of non-participation. Only a few species actually have enough venom to kill a human being. So, I got brave enough to just shovel the scorpions out of the hole and keep on digging.
This memory triggers me to ask, what in life looks like a promise/threat, but is inevitably thrown aside as useless?
Threats are promises gone bad. Human beings have a tendency to stretch and twist a promise into what amounts to be a threat. For example, telling someone that if they read a certain book, take a certain drug, or sleep, they will be healed. These promises are eventually proven useless and thrown aside.
As it stands, God’s promises seem most reliable. The promises of a God of Love, Truth, Life. No collapsing in on me. No preying. No stinger. I’m going to make the effort to feel this.


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One thought on “Threats are Promises Gone Bad

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