Learned Behavior versus Learning from Behavior

Learned behavior is prevelant. Children repeat their parents. Society mimics what is popular. Followers do what they think leaders are telling them to do. Comfort zones train people to defend their space or status. Trained behavior doesn’t last.

The other side of the coin is learning from behavior. This tactic is infused with a love awareness. At some point, we stop mimicking and start observing and understanding and responding humanely. After becoming aware of others, we also can recognize behavior that hurts or divides and understand how to improve behavior in order to love one another. This learning is expansive and gives a sense of purposeful life. We chose to learn through relationships, work, play, dialogue, volunteering, and so on.

Learning, versus learned, requires asking what are the needs of others? What is their body language telling me? How can I help if need?

I have a cute pet example, Hammish and Sammy have learned behavior, they do what their caretakers have trained them to do which makes them acceptable to society. However, they also observe and learn through play. They know clawing and biting hard hurts, so they don’t do it. Love is being reflected and they know how to live life. They also know participation offers an inclusive feeling.

Hammish and Sammy, Playing or Dancing?

“Yes, we love because he first loved us.”–John


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One thought on “Learned Behavior versus Learning from Behavior

  1. Eva James Baker October 31, 2010 at 4:25 pm Reply

    As a student of psychology, and as a self-studied student of life, I must say that I concur with this viewpoint. True, we learn from our immediate surroundings (i.e.-our parents). Considering that a child’s cognitive abilities are still being formed (or transformed), I believe that our childhood most certainly impacts our adult lives.

    I particularly enjoy studies of bullies and men who refuse the love that may have been neglected by a parent (usually a mother). Many bullies become that way out of insecurities of some sort, whether one or both parents were also bullies, whether proper love or nourishment was not provided by both parents.

    However, we must not deny the problems in which we see, but try to hide, within ourselves. The best way to alter learned behavior is by accepting our faults and finding ways to face them…deal with them…in order to change what has caused these faults.

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