Two Mothers at an Airport in Active Prayer

I’ll never forget it.

A circumstance that showed me that prayer is active.

I was a young mother. We had 2 daughters. I’d planned a trip, to go by myself to a meeting about God with time set aside for quiet prayer. Heehee, I thought. Yipee. This will be a sacred time of rejuvenation. So, before leaving, I worked like a demon getting the house ready for my absence.

What happened? I arrive at the Seattle airport only to find out the plane was delayed 4 hours. Ick. So, I sat down and decided to shift down a few gears, relax. I immediately noticed another young mother, but she had her 2 children with her, along with a diaper bag and other paraphenalia. She was holding the youngest while the older child was fidgeting, sure sign she needed to go to the bathroom.

My conscience was pricked. I asked the mother if she wanted me to take her older child to the bathroom. The mother, humbly, gratefully, wearily said, Yes. Oh, I admit, a shot of shock went through my brain because a mother agreed to let a perfect stranger walk off with her daughter in the Seattle airport, however, I knew, she knew, we were one and the same.

I was not going to let that child out of my sight. I was going to dutifully help with the potty training and take care of the child as if she was mine. We found the restrooms. Of course, I went into the stall with her and helped her. Of course, she had to fiddle with the toilet paper dispenser. Of course, she had to do number 2 and sing a tune while I was wanting to plug my nose. Of course, she had to wash her hands and check out all the sinks and paper towels machines.

After business was done, we wandered back and discussed her blanket and got drinks of water at the water fountains. We checked out the candy machines. I returned the child to a grateful mom and a quieted baby.

Then I heard my name over the intercom. I went to a desk and the airline host looked at me and said, I have you on a flight that leaves as soon as you get to the gate.


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4 thoughts on “Two Mothers at an Airport in Active Prayer

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