Tis the Season for Pumpkins

When I saw this stack of pumpkins (below in the picture), I had to laugh. It reminds me of the top-down model of goverance, or in other words, the heirarchal tradition that so often controls our thinking.
But, you don’t have to be the daughter of a king in order to command health. You don’t have to be rich in order to minister to the needs of others. You don’t have to be in a position of high status in order to write a wise, coherent, seminal piece of work. The top-down, or the hierarchal, models are moot.
In the 19th century, Mary Baker Eddy, shattered the top-down model, doing things other people thought she should not be doing. Speaking of everyone’s ability to be inspired by God, Eddy wrote, “For this Principle there is no ecclesiastical monopoly, no successors.”
No matter how we are stacked…..we are all still just a bunch of pumpkins!

Notice: pumpkins on the bottom are holding pumpkins on the top!


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