Living in Time versus Living in Light

In the 13th century, Benedictine monks invented the mechanical clock. The intent was to arrange their activities of working, reading, and praying, into precise dedication to God to prepare for future eternal deliverance. Every movement was organized into formal activity, taking place at fixed times. The consequence?

  • Time driven schedules
  • Separation of time from the rhythms of the natural world
  • Efficiency, conformity, and regimentation

Dividing our days into quantitative time is only spiritually productive when Love and Truth are given precedent over time-controlled thinking. Can we alter our schedules to help an enemy? Can we adjust our rituals and minister to human needs?

Mary Baker Eddy defines day as the unfolding of good, “the illumination of Life.” (Science and Health)

Biblical references were written in a context before the mechanical clock was invented. We read in Genesis, “God called the light Day.” (NKJV)




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