Indirect Views of Reality and Christian Science

Mary Baker Eddy, a 19th century religious leader, wrote in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, “All is infinite Mind and its infinite manifestation, for God is All-in-all,” a statement reiterating a universal law interpreting life and health to humanity―a universal law Eddy branded Christian Science. The affirmation of infinite Mind, manifest, demands deliberation and thoughtful consideration because with it comes the response that matter is unreal, a non sequitur unless saturated with the auspices of correct interpretation.

Some people think the teachings of Christian Science are unrealistic, as if they assert a present illusion, or nothingness called matter. As if, somehow, Mind’s manifest reality of life and health is an abstruse epiphany, a transcendent speculation. Not so.

Recall that all we think, feel, hear, and see is constantly morphing and changing. Nothing physical, including physical life and health, can be pin-pointed as absolute. Physicists have even re-defined the matter we apparently experience as no longer solid reality, but as movement. Obviously, the typical view of life and health as a state of physical matter has as much permanence as its unstable matter. Consequently, the desire for permanence in life and health seems to elude us, but that eluding is the illusion.

Life and health exist as ideals expressed indirectly through what is called physical matter or motion. Instead of trying to stabilize the unstable, the Science of Truth, or Christ, interprets our ability to prove that the changing, fluxing appearances can indirectly exhibit infinite Mind, manifest as healthy life.

Human existence, in and of itself, is a circuitous view of reality, a metaphor so to speak, similar to augmented reality as reported about in the 2010 September’s issue of National Geographic in the article titled, Revealed World, where an indirect view of the world is generated by computer graphics and seen with human eyes through eyeglasses. The view is informative, albeit not direct reality.

The key to genuine progress in life and health is not to confuse illusions, or indirect views, with the reality of an infinite ideal. The infinite ideal classified in Christian, or divine Science, is Mind, God, Principle, Love, Life, Spirit, Soul, Truth. Problem is, human beings are too quick to interpret the ideal as though Mind is divisible with beginning and end, however, divine Science interprets the ideal as one, healthy, ongoing, infinitely individualized Mind, manifest as Us.


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3 thoughts on “Indirect Views of Reality and Christian Science

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