Happy Anniversary

Today is Doug’s and my wedding anniversary. Back in 1983, I would never have guessed what we’d see, experience, and learn for these past 27 years. We’ve learned marraige isn’t a 50-50 deal. Each spouse gives 100%.  We make compromises, but don’t compromise our integrity. When the marriage feels like it is going sour, we protect it from the worldview of anger and confusion.

During one of these sour times, I also searched the Bible to see what Christ Jesus had to say about marriage. It was recorded that some Pharisees asked Jesus if it was lawful to divorce. Jesus answered with a question, “What did Moses command you?” (Mark 10:3 NRSV) They answered that Moses said divorce was okay.

Divorce or not, Jesus reminded them, “What God has joined together, let no one separate.” Whether single or married, each person is gifted with divine qualities that we want to nurture and keep united. Ths helps in all outside relationships.

Jesus was always instructing and dealing with spiritual thoughts, not physical forms. God didn’t join physical human beings, but thoughts of honesty, courage, faithfulness, and so on. This instruction has allowed Doug and me to keep our marriage on a firm footing. Instead of arguing about one another’s habits or opinions, we focus on our spirituality.

The kind of relationship I have with God, is naturally reflected in my relationship with Doug. I don’t view God as a authoritarian figure bossing me around. God is infinite, gentle, merciful Love. God is holy Spirit. God is ongoing Life. I strive to relate to those thoughts and it helps me in my marriage.

Warm Hearts


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