Reading Signs on our Trip to Naples, NY

Signs are everywhere. Some signs are excellent help, some need to be followed in stride.
For example, the famous, “Click-it or Ticket” sign is frequently seen while driving on the road. And, yesterday, after deciding to go visit my cousin, Darry, and his wife, Jan, in Naples, NY, we could have gotten in my car, buckled up and driven, but instead we swing our feet over the seat of our motorcycles and, with no seat belts, drive our merrily way, with feet 5 inches from pavement whizzing by at 65 miles per hour. Ah, the irony of click-it or ticket.
But, the day was gorgeous. There were signs of people relaxing and reuniting on this Memorial Day weekend. There were signs of rejuvenation and spring planting. There were signs of progress everywhere.
Almost 5 hours later, we motorcycled onto Darry and Jan’s driveway. The two of them were outside working hard, showing signs of artist creativity and newness.
We went inside for ice-tea and caught up on the news. We discussed how we could keep motivating children to be active, and not fall into the slump of obesity. The signs of revolution are in the air. People are going to war, fighting for our independence to be free, healthy, and fit.
On the way home, we drove past the sign “Newtown Battlefield,” in Elmira, NY, where a 1779 battle was successfully fought during the American Revolutionary War.
Signs of Memorial Day Weekend dominate the enviorment. We carry a sense of humility, knowing life has been sacrificed for freedom, however, signs of comaraderie and humor also fill the air as we help one another fight, not only physical battles, but also mental battles. We can win the mental freedom to take things in stride, share our joy, and be free of fear. The signs are here.


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One thought on “Reading Signs on our Trip to Naples, NY

  1. annie June 1, 2010 at 10:25 am Reply

    what a great way to travel: motorcycle..and a great day for it!

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