K.C. Cole’s book, “Mind over Matter”

An easy read, Mind over Matter: Conversations with the Cosmos, by K.C. Cole, is an informational book. Cole speaks with the reader as if they are thinking person fully capable of understanding the cosmos as well as the highly educated scientist. I mention Cole’s book in the modern version of Mary Baker Eddy’s, Science and Health.

“K. C. Cole, in her book, Mind over Matter: Conversations with the Cosmos, challenges readers to expand their thinking away from limited concepts. Biologists and astrophysicists describe the origin of human and material existence in various ways. They accompany their descriptions with important observations such as the mapped genome or the string theory. But why don’t these observations awaken thought to a higher and purer contemplation of our origin? Genetic modification doesn’t cure the cause of disease. Human thought must obtain a better basis, get nearer the truth of being, or health will never be universal, and harmony will never become the standard. A clearer consciousness must precede an understanding of the harmony of being.”–21st Century Science and Health

Mind over Matter cover


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