Herb Class

My household has not had TV reception for over twenty years. Needless to say I do not get the benefit of watching “cooking shows.” So, I signed up for a class teaching me about “Cooking with Herbs.”

The herb class was fabulous. The teacher was very knowledgable. Her background included extensive research and the school of hard knocks, which added for some humorous stories. I was fascinated to learn her thoughts concerning using leafy herbs in sauces. I’d always added all the herbs to a sauce before cooking and simmering it for hours. The teacher recommended adding, for example, garlic, in the beginning, however when it came to the leafy herbs,  add them right before serving, so the essential oils don’t boil off.

We were reminded to be moderate with our use of herbs. The herbs bring out the flavor of food, they should not overpower the food. Herbs are also used in therapies.

“Herbs, homeopathy, and alternative health treatments have diminished drugging…Through divine Science, religion and medicine are inspired with a more God-like nature and essence. Science gives new strength to faith and understanding, and thoughts intelligently acquaint themselves with God. The medicine of Science is divine Mind.”–21st Century Science and Health


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