Mental Surgery

Whether contemplating physical surgery, or mental surgery, we have the ability to aim for a less-intrusive operation.

In 1998, after a terrible accident, I was taken to the emergency room and X-rays revealed a fatally bleeding liver and fractures. I was praying the best I could. It was very clear to me that God, Love, does NOT teach us through pain. When our consciousness and lives are improving, it happens through gentle Love. The result in this case was that the physical surgeries were not necessary. My liver stablilized and healed. And about 1 week later, I felt and heard my shoulder bone go into place while I was meditating on God as All-in-all (no gaps). I have full use of the arm.

However, when physical surgery is an option, Love’s presence is powerfully strong to keep inflammation and infection non-existent. Thought can focus on normal restoration and recovery.


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