I was able to visit a very good friend today, after not seeing him for 2 years. We were meeting at Starbucks. I arrived first. He soon walked in the door and smiled when he saw me. He said, “Good to see you, you look great, you’ve gained weight.” I gave him a big hug. Yep, I have gained weight, and he is the first person to notice. I hold the weight well and he made me feel good about it. A few hours later, I laughed and laughed. How many women want to hear they’ve gained weight? I’ve concluded the weight wasn’t the point. My friend loves me, his intent was soley to compliment me and he did!

com·pli·ment  (kmpl-mnt)

n. 1. An expression of praise, admiration, or congratulation.

2. A formal act of civility, courtesy, or respect. 


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