Beautiful intentions heal

Friday was interesting. I woke up feeling really crappy and barely made it to work. I had an assistant coming later in the day to help at work, so I figured, as soon as she gets there, I am heading back home. I shouldn’t be around people anyway, especially if I am contagious.

Working by myself, in the early hours, I prayed. My prayer affirmed reverence to God. Then Joe and Earl came in the kitchen to get coffee. Joe mentioned a distressing situation and I could feel my thoughts leave  “Cheryl Land” and acknowledge compassion and forgiveness. I didn’t specifically think about the situation Joe mentioned because I didn’t want to form, or state, an opinion. He did not need my 2 cents. Love was the presence.

Within another half an hour, before the assistant came, I was well. I almost doubted my wellness because what was “going around” was taking others a few days to get over. But, the crappy feeling was like a dream gone. I wanted to dance down the halls, I was so thankful.

When I came home and checked my emails, I read an email Liz had written me that morning.

“Cheryl, this is what I’ve been thinking about, ‘When we put a thought or intention out to the Universe, it’s best not to attach emotion to that thought.. because it’s a judgment on it that’s not needed, and obscures it more.'”

Thanks to the pure intent.


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