Marriage and Base Camp

December 24th, we attended a wedding, spiced with Greek tradition. The event was modest, yet incredibly fun.

The bride and groom recited vows they had written themselves. “Marriage is sometimes viewed as reaching a summit, but we see this relationship as Base Camp, from which we will reach many summits for the rest of our lives.”

Then the floor was cleared. It was time to celebrate. But first, the new husband had his wife sit down. He knelled and removed her pretty wedding shoes and put wool socks on her feet. Now, they could dance!

Later that evening, we all trickled home with exhausted delight. Husband and wife walked into their new life together ready to follow the light.

Summits after Marriage


One thought on “Marriage and Base Camp

  1. holly January 11, 2010 at 12:37 am Reply

    Hi Cheryl, This is beautiful! Is this really a photo of Carly and George? and was the wool socks part of their ceremony? I know it’s not the point… but wow, how cool. I love this Blog! Keep going! Great job.
    Love, Holly

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