Audio 21st Century Science and Health

Sammy in Seattle

Recently, a Liz emailed me and asked if I had an audio version of 21st Century Science and Health. I went into my computers archives and found multiple files of an audio version of the first edition of Science and Health. But, I didn’t know what to do with the files.

My son-in-law, after returning home to Seattle from their France trip, clicked, searched, converted, clicked, uploaded, and poof, resurrected the audio version as a whole. I emailed the link to Liz and she responded by telling me they work nicely.

I then began my travels home to upstate New York after saying goodbye to Hamish and Sammy. Nine hours later, I walked out of the plane into seven degree weather and snow on the ground. Yep, I’m home!

If you are interested in purchasing an audio version of 21st Century Science and Health, let me know. The cost is $20 and can be paid through PayPal. Email me: 4CherylWrites(at)



Getting Back Up On Our Feet

Originally posted on Beliefnet

The Smithsonian Magazine ran an article in its September issue titled, A+ for Finland, discussing Finland’s extraordinary achievement in education. A little background reveals, for hundreds of years, the Finns were stuck living between the two rival powers of the Swedish monarchy and the Russian czar. As far as the children’s education, they generally attended school for 6 years and only the privileged or lucky got a quality higher education (not a promising future).

Article author, Lynnell Hancock reported, “The landscape changed when Finland began trying to remold its bloody, fractured past into a unified future.” Getting back up on their feet however was not an easy task. After declaring their independence in 1917, Finland was plunged into a civil war, “leaving the country scared by bitter divisions and a punishing debt.” But, the country got back on its feet and has designed and implemented a stellar educational program which overshadows the United States.

Whether it is a single person, a country, or a religion, the principle of getting back on our feet to stand for an exceptional ideal is valid. Moreover, we can look before we walk to make sure we don’t trip up. But, everyone has the right and ability to pick themselves up and feel their uprightness and worth.

From Science and Health, “Citizens of the world, accept the “glorious freedom of the children of God,” and be free! This is your divine right. The self-deluded temporal perceptions, not divine law, has captivated you, made you arthritic, made you a procrastinator, weakened your body, and ruined your reputation.

“We must begin however, with the more simple demonstrations of control, and the sooner we begin the better. The final demonstration takes time for its accomplishment. When walking, we are guided by the eye. We look before our feet, and if we are wise, we look beyond a single step in the line of spiritual advancement.”

Competitors Can Form an Alliance for the Greater Good

Historical facts have a way of discombobulating the minds assumptions. For example, I grew up during the Cold War. Russia was the bad guy. No one wanted to travel to Russia. Even all the war movies depicted Russia as the enemy.

So when I listen to the audio-book Franklin and Winston: An Intimate Portrait of an Epic Friendship, by Jon Meacham, read by Len Cariou, it strikes me as odd that Russia’s Joseph Stalin was an ally to Britain and America as they fought against Hitler.

During the Revolutionary War, America and Britain were enemies. Americans, who were friends, became enemies as some Americans who thought America was better off under the control of Britain were pitted against the Americans fighting for independence.

This foe/ally anomaly is not exclusive to politics. Competitors can come together for a greater good. A health problem may open the door for people who never wanted to listen to one another’s view, to actually sit down and listen and figure out an answer to solve the health problem.

A poor economy can encourage people to form an alliance to stave off unnecessary deprivations. A hurricane can bring people together to save a town, people who didn’t think they had anything in common and even got on each others nerves.

What greater good unites us all to become allies fighting for life and love?

Rising water from rain

Hurricane Irene damage last week in upstate New York

Dear Abby hears it all

I can’t resist this:
A writer from Michigan tells Dear Abby, “My nephew, Charles, a minister in his 50′s, confided to me that he is unhappy in his marriage and is attracted to someone else. He asked me to keep this confidential, and I have,” and she goes on to describe her life situation in detail.
How, by getting it printed in a national newspaper?

This minister told the wrong person. There are benefits to confiding in God.

Religious Freedom can be Defended

Religious freedom has to combat constantly the tendency of teachers and students to sit on their hands and remain mum when new ideas may offend those who adhere to an ideologically “correct” way of thinking. Churches have a reputation for little tolerance toward those who are courageous enough to challenge prevailing systems of thought. But, religious freedom fighters know that a new idea involves both an intellectual and a personal risk while challenging the presumptions of group think, therefore both intellectual and personal courage are taken on to defend and transform the new idea into an accomplishment.

Churches are no more immune than the larger society to the malicious and unsavory behavior of community or collective consciousness. Due to sedentary thinking, if churches received wisdom and ideology are challenged, the knee jerk reaction is to become defensive, however the nonsense that we stop receiving wisdom is defenseless.

Sadly, the institution of church suffers and chases people away as it pressures thinkers into ideological conformity, but religious freedom fighters decompress and pro-actively return to the original intent of church as being available for discovery and research and constructive criticism. New ideas are revived and religious freedom is felt.

From, 21st Century Science and Health, “To the ritualistic church authority, and hypocritical Pharisees, Jesus said, ‘The tax collectors and the prostitutes are entering the kingdom of God ahead of you.’” (Matt.)

Flash Mob in Upstate New York

It takes a lot of people to keep a big secret.

Needless to say, the pre-planned secret Flash Mob was being whispered about as we walked around the Fair on the Square event in Delhi, NY. At 6:30 p.m. the chamber music died down and a rock-n-roll song came over the loud speakers. More than 100 people sprinted into the street (blocked off by the police) and began movin and groovin, hip-hoppin in unison.

Everyone was cheering, smiling, and feeling it. The big secret was real.

From 21st Century Science and Health, “You can rejoice in secret beauty and abundance, hidden from worldliness, but known to God.”

Different Car Features for Different Folks

It was time for a new family car. Our children were teenagers, so I figured we’d get the next larger model from the car we’d had since they were toddlers. “Oh, no Mom, we need a smaller car,” said the kids. The light bulb went off, and I agreed, better gas mileage had priority over more space.

After a bit of research, I went to a car dealer who sold compact models. A car salesman took me for a test run. He drove while continuing to “sell.” He was especially enthusiastic about one feature, how well the car can handle swerving on the road. I wasn’t too terribly impressed about how well any car took corners. I was noticing things like visibility, how many seatbelts there were in this car, and wow, it had automatic window openers, fancy…then all of a sudden, the car swerved so hard, that if I hadn’t had a seatbelt on, I’d of been in the salesman’s lap and back again against my door in 1.5 seconds. I bolted a, “You better do some fast explaining, buddy,” look at the driver. He quickly retorted, “I wanted to show you what this car can do, how well it can swerve.”

“I don’t care how well the car can handle a maniac driver,” I thought. And, I‘m sure he heard my thought, or read it on my face, because he toned down his enthusiasm and asked if I wanted to test drive the car. I tested it, and I did buy the car and drove it (like a mom chauffeuring around kids in a 4-door family car, no swerving) until the children were out of college, every day, glad I had a smaller car because they also make for easy parking.

Concordantly, when we’ve experience the positive force of spirituality in our everyday life, an enthusiasm sets in, however we can remember to temper human enthusiasm so it doesn’t become a willful zeal. We don’t have to “show” other people a particular feature of what spirituality can do. Spiritual enthusiasm is animated by wisdom, not unmindful authority. Every day we can feel our closeness to the Divine and reflect forward the many practical aspects of spirituality.

Rabbi says God is a Verb

I am reading the book, God is a Verb, by Rabbi David A. Cooper, and was struck when he asked whether or not we are listening to the inner voice that asks, Is this real? Or, what are my priorities in life? Cooper’s thoughts include:

“The nervousness and breathlessness that accompany our constant need for more time have fed an illness of epidemic proportion during the last half of the twentieth century. Not many people yet realize the severity of this affliction. I used to refer to it as the “time demon,” but now the world has become infected with what I call TDS, pronounced “tedious,” which stands for Time Deficiency Syndrome.

“A major symptom of this disease is a distorted sense of priority. Whenever work encroaches upon personal relationships and the relationships take a backseat, this is TDS. Tens of millions of marriages and family relations suffer because so many people have their priorities confused.

“Another symptom is the dependency on the “quick fix.” Pharmaceutical companies have become rich because we seek instant relief for aching bodies and depressed minds. It is far simpler to take a painkiller than to work with the stress causing the disease.

“One of the more important secrets of mystical teaching is hidden in our desire to connect with the Divine…But the urge to be with the Divine is not sufficient.”

Rabbi Cooper proceeded to clarify the need to involve ourselves in activities that heal, that minimize self-destructive activities and re-prioritize our life.

Cooper’s book holds some interesting ideas. Although it seems to go off on tangents every now and then, I’ll keep reading it. In the meantime, my new book is out Marriage: Sink or Swim, click below on the book cover for availability.

Marriage: Sink or Swim, now available

Spirituality Can’t be Duplicated

Master print maker, James Reed, imparted some of his knowledge on the history and process of printmaking. His niche in print work is his familiarity to original prints. Over the last 40 years Reed has become quite an expert in prints and printmaking as done in the 1400′s, 1500′s, and 1800′s, which has in turn qualified him to be able to verify the authenticity of old prints and become a successful collector of original prints.

Reed knows, a fake is only worth the paper its printed on. And, because he knows the how, what, and where of prints, a fake can’t be passed off as an original.

This principle applies to spirituality also. Familiarity with divine Spirit and its nature helps us detect fraudulent pictures of our spirituality. Too often, thoughts about ourself, “I’m ugly. I’m the prettiest in the room, etc. ” present themselves as genuine and genuinely our own thoughts. however, under the magnifying glass of spiritual knowledge, we can detect if those thoughts are true, or only worth the vibe they came on.

Spirit knows universal beauty, shining forward in thoughtfulness and health. Our genuine spiritual nature can’t be duplicated. We don’t have 2 natures. Spirit is. We are spiritual. Beauty is spiritual, to be shared.

James Reed showing a print made in year 1483