Healing Science Today is about you!

Religion can be a living culture, not a hero worship. And, loyalty to God, not a church, is a reachable goal.

Spirituality has been experienced since time immemorial. Therefore, I revised a book written in the 19th century by a spiritual leader and healer, Mary Baker Eddy, to show that timeless spirituality is still active today, yesterday, and in Biblical times.

I experienced incredible healing through Christian Science treatment after a terrible accident in 1998. Click here to watch video of healing. I am not affiliated with a church organization, but I do attend church services of different denominations.

Feel free to contact  4CherylWrites(at)gmail.com especially if you are interested in an audio version of 21st Century Science and Health.

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5 thoughts on “About

  1. Your new 3rd edition book. What is the difference between new 3rd and older edition? I bought your book last May or June from Amazon. How can I tell which edition book I have?

    Thank you,

    • Hi Willy, On the copyright page, about the 6th line down, you will find which edition of “21st Century Science and Health” you have. The latest editions mainly contain grammatical corrections. The first edition had a typo on page 464, correct wording is “…because the message, and not the messenger, is the point.”
      Also, There is a group of us here in town who get together to study Christian Science informally, we all bring whatever version of “Science and Health” we have, even Eddy’s last edition, and have noticed the ideas are still very parallel, therefore I’m confident your edition is fine.
      It’s been nice meeting you.
      Take care.

  2. Hello Cheryl,
    I am having a very difficult time trusting God. It seems that each time I feel deeply in my heart that my faith in God’s care will not fail me, it does. Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures opened the Bible to me in a very fresh and new way, but now I am thinking that it is all “Santa Clausism.” Any ideas before I give up complete on a belief in God?
    Mark Marioneau

    • Hi Mark,
      I am glad the Bible has been opened up to you. It is an interesting book to say the least. So is Science and Health.
      Let’s see…as for your question about belief in God. I can only give my thoughts.
      Believe it or not, I trust God to be a presence in consciousness, even yours. God however is a presence of mindfulness, wisdom, and usefulness, all of which we are capable of relating to and relating forward. The consciousness of anything unlike God doesn’t last, and you can be encouraged to know that that consciousness can’t influence you.

      I do not “expect” anything from God, because I already have everything I need. But I do expect, that no matter what comes up in this crazy world, God made me able to respond to the situation with grace, care, and intelligence. Sometimes, I fail to respond with grace and get indignant, but mistakes have never stopped humanity from moving forward, so I keep active, keep reading, keep praying, and sure enough the courage to find out What God has done penetrates my consciousness and motivates me to discover an undeniable care, not only for me, but for everyone.

      I don’t believe in Santa Claus but I do believe in, and act on, the spirit and manifestation of giving.

      Maybe, I’ve learned it’s okay to give up on a belief in a God that fails us.

      Thank you for coming to Healing Science Today.
      Cheryl Petersen

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